Friday, December 17, 2010

Tatianna Interview

This week I got a chance to interview Tatianna - Star of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 and one of America's best new drag queens. Tatianna made it to the top four on the show and has since gone on to do shows all over America and gain millions of fans in the process. 

1 - So how have the past few months been for you and what have you been getting up to since the show aired?

The past year has been pretty wild! I've done a lot of traveling...performing all over the place. It's really been a blast getting to meet so many people and fans of the show. I am also about to release a few singles in the very near future which I'm really excited about.

2 - I remember you spoke about your first time doing drag and going to school in it ... take me back to that day and describe why you did it and what the reaction was like?

It was Halloween of my Sophmore year in high school. I had changed schools that year so I was still kind of new. To be honest I did it just for the fun of it...see if anyone would figure it out. The reaction from everyone was oddly positive! Word got around really quickly and by the end of the day everyone was buzzing about it. I made a lot of friends that day! 

3 - Growing up,were you always attracted to dressing up and playing different characters?

I loved dressing up in costumes and pretending I was in a move or music video. I've always loved makeup too. As a kid, I had the most playing with face paint.

4 - Who and what inspired you growing up?

I was always really inspired by music. Not only what I was hearing, but the visual aspect as well. I think that's why I was so drawn to Britney Spears. She always really captured my attention. Watching her made me want try and get into the entertainment industry. 

5 - As a performer, who and what do you look at/to for inspiration?

Right now Im getting a lot of inspiration from pop stars with an edge. Acts like Rihanna, Natalia Kills, Robyn, and of course the almighty Gaga. I love their music on top of the darker imagery they give on stage and in their videos. I'm obsessed with their fashion sense too.

6 - Is there a major different (looks aside) between Tatianna and your male personality?

Tatianna is a lot more confident...she can get away with way more than Joey.

7 - When you transform into Tatianna, do you feel  a change in your personality and confidence?

Sure! It's like like someone turns up the the volume on me. I'm way more outgoing as Tatianna.

8 - Looking back,what exactly was your time like on the show and was were your best/worst moments?

A majority of my experience was great! I learned an insane amount about my craft and got to do things i never thought i would do. There were a few moments that i could have done without, but that's life! Winning the "Snatch Game" challenge was one of my happiest moments while on the show. I guess the worst part of my experience was letting people get under my skin. 

 9 - Your quite a young performer so there's obviously plenty to come in the future - are there any major plans?

As of now I plan to release my first single in a few weeks. That has been the project that has really had my attention for awhile. Hopefully it will spawn a full studio album. I really want to tour the UK too...I've never left the states and i think the UK would be so much fun! Other than that I hope to do some acting in the near future. 

10 - On your career so far, have there been any shows or moments that have really stood out?

 Getting to go to my first award show was pretty amazing! I got to meet Kelly Osbourne face to face. I was totally freaking out inside. Just being able to be in one room with all these great people made me feel really lucky.

11 - What tips would you give to any new performers? 

The biggest tip I could give a new performer is to not let fear rule you. If you have an idea or dream...GO FOR IT! Don't let what people might think stop you from doing everything you want to. There were things I would have never singing live. But once I got on that stage and did  the biggest feeling of accomplishment came over me. In the end you just have to do whats in your heart!

12 - Finally, you have lots of new fans now over here and tons in the States - Is there anything you would like to say?

THANK YOU! Without the fans I would not be able to do half the things I have done over the past year. They really mean the world to me and they are the reason I do what i do! I LOVE YOU ALL!

A BIG Thank You to Tatianna for interview!