Friday, December 3, 2010

Natalia Kills

I have a new obsession.London based singer 'Natalia Kills' is now signed to Cherrytree Records and is touring with Robyn and Kelis in the states. She just released the fantastic video to the brilliant song 'Mirrors'. Its all dark sex,violence and vanity ... Natalia has great style,class dark style and killer hooks and beats in her songs. Songs such as 'Wonderland' and 'Activate My Heart' all boast synths,beats and robotic vocals meshed with Natalias powerful voice. Her album 'Perfectionist' will be released later in 2011. Below is the new video for 'Mirrors'.

Next is a subtle unofficial single 'Zombie' this song is Brilliant! The video is simple,dark and a little twisted. Enjoy and expect big things from this girl!

'Zombie' is out on itunes now with a few other tracks, 'Mirrors' and the album 'Perfectionist' will be released in early 2010.