Monday, December 13, 2010

An Introduction To 'Candy Warhol' ...

I thought it was about time I introduced by alter ego, Candy Warhol. Candy first came to life this September in front of a crowd of over two hundred people at the first Gutter Candy event , 'Le Disko Bloodbath!'.

 Candy Warhol was created as an entity to create bizarre stage performances, fashion creations, photo and film work and performance art. Candy performs with 'The Mannequins', a series of dolls and broken down girls.

Candy was first discovered in  in New York by Pop Artist Andy Warhol, a year before his death. The artist became obsessed with the fascinating mannequin. He took it back to the factory and worked on it with his team. He built 'The Pop Machine', and put Candy into it. He filled it with hundreds of pop culture images and films and hoped to create a 'living pop culture doll'. 

Before it was finished,Warhol passed away. The Machine was left to rot in the factory and over thirty years later it was discovered.The lever was pulled and out stepped Candy Warhol.

I am currently using Candy Warhol  as the muse for my college work. This year I delved into the world of the alter ego and I am creating work based on the concept. Candy Warhol and The Mannequins have performed twice in Ireland to large crowds with a great reception from each. There are bigger shows planned for after new year and the studio work is now coming to life with many different art works to be show over the coming months.

More on Candy Warhol in the future.

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