Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shakespeare's Sister

 When I was three years old I remember sitting in my old living room in front of the television watching a music video that both terrified and fascinated me.I was always fascinated with witches and gothic looking girls so this certain music video had a big impact on me,and would forever remain one of my favourite songs and videos of all time. The music video is 'Stay' by UK act Shakespeare's Sister.

'Stay' is one of the most successful songs of all time in the UK and peaked at no.1 for eight weeks in 1992. This week is returned to the charts at No.12 and also No.10 in Ireland after Cher Lloyd from the X Factor gave an amazing performance of the song.Her rendition is also available on UK and Irish itunes now.

The group Shakespeare's Sister  was formed in 1988 by Siobhan Fahey (ex member of Bananarama) who teamed up with Marcella Detroit to create pop music with a gothic and dark edge. The group had two top ten albums and five top twenty singles at their peak but after major drama between the girls (which is mirrored in their infamous music videos) the group split. In 1996 Fahey returned with the groups name and continues to make and release music today.Its still dark,credible and catchy - she tours and appeares on various shows but the same success will never be repeated.

The group has some incredible songs apart from 'Stay' ... I would reccomend picking up the greatest hits cd+dvd package from for cheap and going through some of their back catalogue. Below are another few of my favourites.Enjoy!