Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gutter Candy - Gothic Winter Shoot

This month I created a photo shoot and article for UK magazine,Alice Magazine. Inspired by winter coats I created a dark,moody fashion shoot set in a Limerick graveyard.It was cold,wet and a little scary but it was well worth it! Modeling with myself was friend and up coming fashion designer Jesse O Mahony. Myself and Jesse modeled together for a project last year which I will post tomorrow and we both share a love for gothic fashion. The photos were taken by another friend of mine, Anastasia Artemeva. Below are examples of what we all created.

The best results made TWO magazines this month! First up, the article on Winter Coats and some of the photos were shown in Limerick lgbt magazine 'F.A.G.' (Fabulous and Gay). Then this month the article and different photos were shown in the brilliant UK Alice Magazine which is now available to buy.

Below are some behind the scenes snaps and the article on winter coats for this year . . .

A big thank you to Jesse and Anastasia for helping me on the day. And another thank you to 'F.A.G. Magazine' & 'Alice Magazine'.

Check out the special in 'F.A.G.' at
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