Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Irish Designer - Claire Garvey

I love Irish based designer Claire Garvey's pieces.Each garment tells a different story and is full of such rich detail,design and passion its hard not to fall in love with them. Many of her pieces are also beautifully shot by different designers in lush locations and available to view on the website (link below).

Claire began her career after receiving a degree from National College of Art & Design and then a Master's from Moscow's Vgik University. She first displayed in the Irish Design Centre, in the Powerscourt Centre, in Dublin city centre. She also sold to many retailers in Ireland and the UK. Finally, Claire opened her own design shop on February 14th, 2001. (taken from site)

Model for above 3 photos :  Denise Demise del Grindcoregore 

Photographer : Edina Valentova

Site : www.clairegarvey.com