Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Living Room Dancing

Here's what I have been playing on repeat so far this week ... 

First up, TWO massive (throws arms in the air for a right rave up) tracks from installment no.3 of Body Talk from Swedish minstrel Robyn. The last two albums had me a little weary as they contained amazing tracks and then some filler - Album no.3 though, contains the best of the first two albums and a host of new tracks including these two dance tracks 'Time Machine' and 'Call Your Girlfriend'. Check them out! ... apologies to my readers in the last few hours,Sony BMG removed the songs but I got them back up again - for now! ( ;


Next up is the fantastic video and track 'Do It Like A Dude' from Jessie J. I've been hearing good things about her the past few months and she now seems to be catching on. Note : Her spiked lipstick - Amazing!

'Runnin' is my favourite track from the debut solo album 'Instatiable' from Nadine Coyle.Its dark,creeping electro pop with a strong melodic chours and sweeping vocals.

Last but not least is 'Fahrenheit' a brilliant electro album track from last year's X Factor winner,Joe Mcelderry. Its very Scissor Sisters which is a very very good thing.

If you have any music reccomendations please mail me!