Saturday, November 13, 2010

Her Majesty & The Wolves

First off - best band name in years,pure genius. 'Her Majesty & The Wolves' have been described as many things but first off it is an 'entity' for Kimberly Wyatt (of Pussycat Dolls & Got To Dance fame) and dance floor duo Jupiter Rising to create work with and music is the base of the work.

Kimberly has described it as 'A nightmarish rave retelling of Red Riding Hood via Philip Pullman  and an immersive euphoric dance experience'.Intense.They want their live performances to be a mix of Gaga,Ibiza and dance that ranges from modern to ballet.Amazing.

Their first teaser track,'Glaciers' was released a few months ago and was interesting,good,creepy with great visuals and vocals and was refreshing to see something different but it was still lacking a punch that typical 'radio friendly' songs have (not always a bad thing)- that is until the first single 'Stars In Your Eyes' was released.The insanely catchy track is a big euro rave up feating Wyatt's haunting vocals and raps while the video is a high fashion affair set in space and features ex Pussycat Doll member Ashly Roberts dancing alongside Wyatt.

The latest video is  available here and I would strongly suggest signing up to their website to see the Glacier video,get free tracks and information because this is one act to look out for!