Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Eve Grant Interview


I recently sat down to chat with Eve Grant, a young Irish model who appeared on The Irish Scout and is now going on to big things in the Irish Fashion world . . .

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Im from Waterford but am based in Dublin for college and work.Im the youngest of  three and were all very close.I have a dog hallie who I love dearly. Im currently finished my first year at DCU studying Communications which I really enjoy its such an amazing course and I have made some amazing friends in Dcu who I love very much..Im involved in a number of societys such as Dance,Drama and Style.

I love dancing,acting,singing,horse ridding,fashion and a bit of gossip girl.I have a slight addiction to starbucks.I adore Harry Potter books but then again who doesn’t?I like all kinds of music everything from The Beatles to Passion Pit to  Katy Perry.My favourite films are [500 ] hundred days of summer,Romeo and Juliet and Pretty Women.And finally I am slightly in love with Nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers!

At what age did you become interested in modeling?

When I was really little I used to model flower girl dresses for mum  and I would always look up to the older models I was  surrounded by but I suppose I didn’t ever really think properly about modeling until recently.I was really small in height till I was about 15 and then out of nowhere has a serious growth spurt.I did a small bit of modeling based around the southeast with a Waterford agency in 5th and 6th year and then when I came to college it just all really started from there.It  was a student photographer Jass Foley who asked me to do some shoots for him and then that kind of got it all started.Then RTE's the model scout came along and that kinda pushed me bit further . I went on to do the DCU Fashion show and won Female model of the year alongside My good friend Kunle who won Male model of the year after winning this  I began  to work for Morgan the Agency.

Did having a mother who was involved in fashion prepare you in any way for the industry?

She most certainly did.My mums good like that ,Shes an amazing designer and has had many successes but shes always chosen to stay out of the limelight so to speak she doesn’t crave the attention and publicity  many designers need to get there garments out there.I know if Mum wanted to she could has a huge line of  gowns  that she would most certainly be famous for.But she doesn’t need that she has an unreal talent and shes happy running her bridal shop and keeping customers happy .She chooses to stay away from the serious end of the industry because she knows it can be very cruel,shes always been very honest with me about that fact that the fashion industry isn’t as glamorous as it seems.And I know she worrys about me.A model at the end of the day is a prop and that is it.Your have got to be sure of yourself and  be very confident because you will always be critiqued and tested.You cant get caught up in it all or become overly obsessed with your appearance.You haveto learn to not take things personally which is something Im still trying to master.Different people have different perceptions of what is pretty or what is ideal and this is something that mum has drilled into me and has helped a lot.

What was your first on set experience like?

My first experience on set was actually with lily foreburg  for Stellar magazine.It was really fun and relaxed.The shoot was a Ballet shoot so I felt really comfortable.Lily was really nice and gave me really good direction.And hair and makeup were really chatty and friendly aswell.They styled me and then asked me what music id like so we popped on a bit of Florence and the machine.I literally just danced about the place while she started take some shots and occasionaly telling me to look into the camera or over my shoulder and the likes.It was great.

Tell me about your time on the show 'The Model Scout'?

It was brief  (laughs) .When we were shooting there was a lot of waiting around and the day felt like it was never going to end.But the experience was still something I wouldn’t take back.The girls were all lovely and all Stunning!Its crazy the amount of talent there actually is in Ireland.Jenny and Dave [IMG scouts] were really cool.Im slightly dreading the series coming out though just the elmination part I was so uncomfortable because the girls around me were crying and I just couldn’t stop awkwardly smiling I didn’t know what to do and there was a huge camera In my face .I was so tired I was just happy to go to home to bed.Naturally  I was a bit disappointed but I was not devastated..Modeling isn’t really something I see my life revolving around.If it works out for a few years great but if not I'm sure there's plenty of other chances and jobs out there that ill enjoy . In the long term I want to do lots of different things.Jenny and Dave told us all to keep contact with them. After I was slightly taken back when Dave pulled me aside and asked me did I have any interest in acting which I do.To quote him he said “promise me you will look into it ,you would be an amazing actor” which was pretty flattering where he got it out of I have no idea  but  you never know I might actually take him up on it eventually (laughs).

Are you currently signed?

I'm currently working with Two agencies In Dublin Bscene and Morgan the Agency at the moment its two just while I'm finding my feet and seeing which working with more and comfortable with.They are both Great and run by really cool people.But for the moment I haven’t signed anything. A lot of agencies in Ireland surprisingly don’t work on contract which I think is a good idea just because your not always guaranteed work.

What designers would you love to model for?

I love Chloe.Everything about there clothes are so classy ,tailored and lady like.But realistically I doubt ill be modeling for them any time soon (laughs) .I think there's a lot of great young Irish designers and stylists out there that id like to work with.I was styled on a shoot   by Doireann Lally who I think is an amazing stylist she put together the whole of the DCU fashion show and did an incredible job shes moving to New York this year where im sure shes going to be a serious success story.I also worked with young  Irish designer and graduate  from NCAD Siobhan Callaghan on her Enchanted Escape line and personally I love her clothes she definitely going places.

Plans for the next year?

Next year a lot of my time and energy is going to be going to into DCU. I'm vice chair of style soc so I'm going to be a busy bee .We are going to be running project young designer for young Irish designers  and will be staging the infamous fashion show which is a lot of  responsibility  I have no major plans just yet regarding modeling but hopefully il just keep working away and will be as fortunate as I have been this year. I'm just kinda looking forward to it all and not making any concrete plans but letting things happen when there ment to happen.

The future is looking bright for this young star . . . I can't reveal much but I shall keep you all posted!