Friday, October 15, 2010

New Music . . .

I thought I would do a round up of some new singles I have been listening to today. I'm currently in the media room in college,in between doing research for projects,blogging,listening to electro pop on high and thinking about food - alot.So before I go get some lunch I'm going to leave you with some new singles to hate or love!

First up is the new single from Ke$ha - 'We Are Who We Are' from the re-release of her album now called 'Cannibal' (genius).Its typical Ke$ha with synths,beats and beats thrown into a catchy chours and slightly weaker verses.Its gonna be big either way and should sound great in a club.

Something I'm really excited about,a new song from Roisin Murphy! These songs come out once ina  blue moon as she just wants to release songs when shes ready rather than album,a bit annoying for fans but theres also somethign fresh and exciting about it - a little treat every now and again and when about 10-12 songs are released just put them together yourself and make an album! This is Roisin at her dark mood and haunting self.Check it out!

Today I am also listening to some t.A.T.u. , Pete Burns and Gaga as well as the Marina & The Diamonds album and the new single from The Tings Tings keeps popping up too! If you have any music reccomendations for me please mail me or leave a post of the facebook page! x