Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lady Gaga Born This Way Latest Details

Above is a picture from an interview Gaga filmed yesterday.It was her first interview about her new album 'Born This Way'. She tweeted : ''About to do my very first interview for Born This Way, I'm so excited and happy! Have all little monsters in my heart to carry with me xx MM''

The interview will air in early Feb 2011 when the album will be released. She is currently on tour with the Monster Ball which is coming here to Ireland this week (once again lack of funds hold me back from attending but I got front row last year which was amazing! Cried - twice!). 

Lyrics have also been tweeted recently,from the first single! "We are not just Art for Michelangelo to carve, he can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart".EPIC - now the first single will probably be release late December BUT sources have hinted that we will be hearing something in the next few weeks - lets hope so!

The album's producers have been kept secret and Gaga said in her 'ID Magazine' interview that when she reveals her producers everyone wants to work with them so the sound gets old fast.Redone is confirmed as a producer,he worked on some of the best tracks so far,but hes keeping quiet about all the details. She is also working with Elton John on a duet for a new Disney film.

Gaga has said that she wants this album to define our generation and she wants this to be the anthem for our generation and she believes she has achieved that.No pressure then. Knowing her,she really has.

As soon as more is leaked I shall update here or on the facebook page as I do daily with most little bits so be sure to add yourself! (link on the right hand side).