Monday, February 21, 2011

women’s Fashion Trends 2011 For Winter

Seeking Female for peak winter fashion trends 2011 ? This year’s sharp military style, bold graphic prints, chic tuxedo jacket and a long sweater style soft winter must have.

Fashion Trends 2011 wallpaper womens Fashion Trends 2011 For Winter

2011 fashion

Crisp Military Styles

The military jacket is cleverly cut to tight military-style trousers, there is almost no possibility of this trend into your wardrobe. Combining the color palette of green, olive, gray and dark gray in your wardrobe and invest in a few key items of clothing, including military-style jacket or a blazer, a pair of military style trousers and a pair of tapered band high heels inspired by the military.

Fashion Trends 2011 womens Fashion Trends 2011 For Winter

Fashion Trends 2011

Bold graphic prints

Add some bold and graphic prints for our wardrobe in order to create a hip and looked tense. Fitted t-shirts with long sleeved shirts, skirts and a piece dress is the best choice for bold and graphic prints. When you choose a garment to see patterns or prints for something with a little brush strokes of art, including fat, watercolor appearance or even something that is tense with retro shapes and designs.

Are you wearing a brightly colored dress and artistically designed or long-sleeved slim and sleek graphic print blazer with military-style make sure you add some of the same fine contrast and jewelry. Cuff bracelet, pendant necklace and ring big vintage divine accessory to wear with bold type or pattern.