Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring 2011 Fashion Trends

Hyper Color: the best feature about the Spring collection is of course the vibrant colors. Designers focus on colors the most during the launch of this collection if you compare it to collections launched in other seasons of the year. Various renowned designers used varied colors to bring the element of uniqueness in their creations. For instance, Haider Ackermann used colors like electric blue for size. Rimondi had some similar thoughts and this is the reason why he was seen using citrus hues. Raf Simons is also not behind as he was seen presenting Crayola cocktail.
hyper color trend 2011
Lace Embrace: lace is all time favorite of designers when it comes to spring collection. In Spring 2011 Fashion Trends, lace has been given a special place. You should definitely buy it for the season. Ralph Lauren has used lace in his creations that takes you to the Old West. Christopher Kane also used laces in his creations to add femininity to them. Lastly, shirts designed by Balenciaga are perfect combination of sequins and laces. You can surely zero down on them for grabbing the best of best spring collections.
lace embrace trend
Midi Dresses Trend: this season get ready to buy some girly dresses for your wardrobe. The Spring 2011 Fashion Trend spotted various designers presenting midi dresses on the ramp. Be it ankle length or to the knee, all lengths in midi dresses look elegant on women. Hannah Macgibbon gave a new direction to these dresses by using different features like ballet flats, sheer fabrics, and skirts with pleats.