Monday, February 14, 2011

Sophia Bush

I get confused with Sophia Bush. Then again, I get confused often. When you say the name Sophia Bush I’m thinking it’s one of the former President’s daughters. Nay nay! I mean, let’s face it – his daughters out getting drunk was the only thing interesting about his eight years in office.
I’m talking about Sophia Bush from from One Tree Hill and The Hitchhiker. Yummy.
Here she is at some blah blah blah fashion show event…. But this dress makes me want to drool!
sophia bush herve leger fashion show1
I don’t know who’s making these dresses or when they came into style, but they are rocking my world. It’s about time; Long over due if you ask me.
I need more!
sophia bush herve leger fashion show2
That’s hot and sexy!