Monday, February 14, 2011

Isla Fisher

Until last week I had never heard of Isla Fisher. She’s a hottie who is the star of a show called Confessions of a Shopaholic, which seems to be your typical date flick. A date with me and one of my girlfriends would most likely involve handcuffs and a ball gag and not popcorn, but these people who make such movies have figured it out – You need a hot chick to bring in men. Then you need to have this same hot chick go out in public dress up in a short skirt to get our attention.
I might just go see this, but only because of Isla Fisher.
0216 isla-fisher-shopaholic-london-premiere-015-header
Long hair, a short dress, and lots of legs? How can one go wrong.
I do see a downside with Isla Fisher, however. I can’t imagine going to bed with her and screaming out her name in passion. That’s just not gonna happen. I’d feel silly. Well, maybe I could do it but no video taping please!