Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hayden At Guy’s

Ah, yes – what a special, magical time in Hollywood right about now. The Grammies are in town!
Seems late last night Hayden Panettiere went out to a club called “Guy’s”. I’m not sure if that’s a meat market for hot young short actresses to pick up guys, or if it’s a club owned by a guy named guy. Either way, it seems Hayden Panettiere – recently single – is on the hunt for some fresh meat. Um, I’m free!
So all of the hotties in Hollywood last night got together at a place called “Guy’s”. And Hayden Panettiere was dressed up like a slut with this super short dress!
hayden guys6
I likie!
I never thought I’d see the likes of Hayden Panettiere partying with Kim Kardashian, but that’s what rumor has. I’ll post those pictures when I find them. Until then, enjoy Hayden Panettiere in this super short dress!
hayden guys1 hayden guys2 hayden guys3 hayden guys4