Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cindy Pumping Gas

One of the message boards I post on has a hard on for Celebrities pumping gas. It all started last week when one clown posted a up a picture of so and so pumping gas, someone else started a new thread with some other famous chick pumping gas, and before you knew it everyone was posting pictures of celebrities and otherwise pumping gas. I passed on most of them.
But when it comes to Cindy Crawford, one of the women who taught me how to masturbate, well, I just couldn’t resist. Here’s Cindy Crawford pumping has into what looks like a mighty expensive Bentley. Note the heels.
cindy crawford pumping gas1
For a MILF, Cindy Crawford is still smoking hot. Check out her ass in those jeans – super tight!
And those heels! Ultra sexy. My GF would kill for a pair of heels like those.
cindy crawford pumping gas2
Over all, Cindy Crawford is still looking smoking hot!