Monday, February 14, 2011

Womens Dress Trend

Dress is the second most essential necessity for human next to food. Wearing of dress gives us warmth during cold climate. Likewise, dress covers us from heat and unwanted elements like dust and insects. Dress can also be a symbol of beauty. It is strongly evidenced by the luxurious laces, soft satin and silk worn by Cleopatra centuries ago. Thus, dress is not only for body cover but and expression of beauty.

Pretty Dress in Pink

Through the ages, variety of designs and styles are created to suit every individual’s need—men and women. These days, the invention of modern technology and techniques gave way to more colourful and trendy designs. Modern women loved to explore all types of fashion trend. However, not all dresses are appropriate to wear in all occasions. A special requirement of clothing is needed in every occasion and activity. Each year, women’s dress change in style and trend from long sleeved to sleeveless, conservative to daring, the possibilities are endless.

Simply Beautiful

Women dress trends allows you to express your personality and style. Whether you are full figured woman, slender and medium built, there are dresses that suit your size and shape. Short skirts are recommended for women with shapely legs. Moreover, the varieties of shades are available for day and night occasion. Basic jeans and top with little imagination and creativity will turn the simple attire into a hip chic look. All women are given the chance to be a child again with the baby doll dress trend. This type of dress is perfect when you are out for beach fun or running errands. Additionally, women can go to the gym and still look fashionable with the colourful gym outfits available. Whatever your choices are, dress is an expression of individuality.

Seductive in Red

To all women, who love both the casual and formal look, welcome to this site. Likewise, ladies who want to explore the other side of women fashion, feel free to explore the site.

Dressing is not merely putting on clothes for the sake of covering yourself. It should be a combination of smart and intelligence. Likewise, women dressing should flatter your assets and hide your flaws. This is what this site all about. Simple tips are provided on how to turn an ordinary outfit into a statement. Furthermore, category 2 is all about dressing up in formal occasion with the right colours. Lastly, learn the difference between ball gown, evening gown and cocktail dress.