Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'What To Wear To A Gig'

This week I wrote an article for RTE's Red Radar Site. I wrote about what to wear to a gig or club and how to have fun with it - here it is!

''I’m going to teach you how to be fabulous!  – James St. James''

When you’re all grown up and step outside covered in glitter and donning black ripped leggings, matching leotard with a giant pink netted tutu and your hair back combed within an inch of its life, you’re pretty much laughed at.
Imagine a 40 year old going to the store wearing ripped shorts, an over sized Mickey Mouse tee shirt and hundreds of necklaces (you can never have too many) with matching eye make- up. Doesn’t really work does it?
When you’re older and looking back at pictures of how you dressed at your first concerts and discos, you retain a fondness for those particular outfits and looks – no matter how embarrassing they seem in hindsight.
I’m still young, thankfully, and I can still get away with dressing like a complete lunatic – sweet.
''Posing With Friends Jess &Nicola this semester''
I love attending gigs and going all out dress wise. Last year for miss Gaga herself I wore gold leggings and shoulder pieces out of blonde hair – as you do. This is my time to have fun, to experiment with looks (I’m sure my mum secretly loves cleaning up hair dye) and to jump around bat crazy with my friends.
''Working my Gaga outfit for a photoshoot last year''
I usually wear something light for a gig – they’re crowded and I’m gonna be doing plenty of old school dancing (rhythm is a dancer I am not!) … shorts and a graphic band tee (so I can show that singer how much I’m obsessed with them!) are always good. Then I match them with a cardigan, plenty of jewellery and eye make up to show my personality.

''At a DJ gig with good friend Laurence (X)''
Don’t forget your camera, those “what was I thinking?” snaps ain’t gonna take themselves!

The whole article itself is now live on the brilliant Red Radar site ( which features videos and articles from Ireland's coolest (ahem) bloggers.