Friday, February 18, 2011

More Kim Kardashian

I have some serious mixed emotions about Kim Kardashian. On one hand, Kim Kardashian is smoking hot. She’s got big hair, big boobs, and a big ass – and I don’t mean “big ass” in a bad way. At the end of the day she is in fact hot. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian has long since outlived her fifteen minutes of fame.
This is Kim Kardashian at two different parities – sporting two very different looks. And both are hot!
kim kardashian drop dead gorgeous
I love this classy look – classy dress, hair up; I love pony tails. I swear I want to pull on her hair!
kim kardashian looking sexy5 kim kardashian looking sexy6 kim kardashian looking sexy7 kim kardashian looking sexy8
And then there is what I’m calling the “fiesta look”. Kim Kardashian has the girls on display. Very sexy.
kim kardashian looking sexy1 kim kardashian looking sexy2 kim kardashian looking sexy3 kim kardashian looking sexy4
So it’s a little bit of both worlds – Kim Kardashian has outlived her fame but we all still want to do her, so I’ll keep posting about her.
At the same time, I want to know who her fucking publicist is!