Friday, February 4, 2011

Lea Michele Lovely In A Long Train And Wrap Bodice

Lea Michele Lovely In A Long Train And Wrap Bodice
Lea was poised and perfect in a beaded shimmering grown with a long train and wrap bodice. Lea Michele glowed on the red carpet. Her brunette tresses were completed with side swept bangs. Lea Michele has heard all of the gossip out there about romance among the Glee cast, but she's happy to say none of it's true. Awkwardness avoided!

She explained: "Everyone thinks that everyone is sleeping with everyone. We spend every minute of every day together, and when we're finished, we all go out to dinner, so of course, they think we're hooking up.

"I'm so thankful that doesn't happen. If people hooked up, there'd be awkward tension."

While Lea enjoys hanging out with her fellow cast members, when she has free time on her hands she loves going on virtual dates with her boyfriend, Broadway star Theo Stockman, over Skype.

She added to Cosmopolitan magazine: "Take a shower, put on a robe, pour myself a glass of wine, and Skype with Theo. That's the best."