Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hottest Fashion Trends for Winter 2011

The hottest fashion trends for winter 2011 include knee high boots, gorgeous soft knit scarves and chic peacoats. One of the key fashion trends for the year is layering and there is no better time to start than during the winter season.

Knee High Boots for Winter 2011

Your outfit will not be complete without a gorgeous pair of winter boots. The knee high fashion trend is suitable for winter, spring and fall and as you can see celebrities have taken a liking to this particular boot trend.

Knee high boots when worn with a pair of slim fitting trousers or skinny jeans have a way of elongating your legs and creating a visually appealing fashion look.

Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson and Kate Hudson are by no means tall but the knee high boots create a long and lean look. Knee high boots for 2011 can be worn with long sweaters or slim fitting tops. Add a sleek military style jacket or a peacoat, a chic tote bag, a pair of cool shades and a loose knit scarf to complete your look.

Gorgeous Knit Scarves for Winter 2011

Want to keep warm this winter but do so stylishly? Then why not invest in a gorgeous loose knit scarf that you can wrap around neck for a chic and trendy look? Even better, if you can knit then you can make your own!

Choose a color that best suites your complexion. From bold bright shades to soft subtle hues go for something that will stand out from the crowd and have you looking like the style maven that you are.

If you don't know how to tie a scarf you can simply wrap a long scarf around your neck once or twice and allow the ends to hang down over your coat or jacket. Loose knit chunky scarves are simply one of the easiest and most affordable fashion trends this winter 2011 season. Of course chunky loose knits are not just for scarves you can also invest in a sweater, mittens or even a cool knit handbag for the winter season.

Stylish Peacoat for Winter 2011

The peacoat is a chic fashion trend for fall and winter. As you can see by the photo (Banana Republic Wool-blend Peacoat) the peacot transcends trends and is a chic style that will last years to come.

Perhaps it is the straight lines and complimentary design but the peacoat is one of the most flattering winter coat styles ever. The chic and classic coat is a must have winter staple. Look for bold colors including green, ruby red or blue. Or go for the more conservative and timeless cream or black peacoat.

If you prefer a dressier coat look for one with fancy buttons, bold colors or cool patterns. You can also choose a basic color and dress it up with accessories such as a funky hat, scarf, gloves and handbag.

The hottest fashion trends for winter 2011 include knee high boots, loose chunky knit scarves and timeless peacoat. Take some time this season to check out all of the hottest 2011 fashion trends and pick and choose what will work best with you current wardrobe. If you are sticking to a budget then focus on accessories that can dress up and change the look of your current wardrobe.