Friday, February 18, 2011

Halle In Hollywood

Believe it or not, just last weekend I was in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I was sort of doing the tourist thing but not really; I was giving my cousin a sight seeing trip through Hollywood and Beverly Hills with another friend who was acting as tour guide. I guess this makes me the chauffeur. Anyhows, my friend the tour guide says “Luckily this isn’t next week because this street would be closed for the Grammies”. Seems they close down a large portion of the town for these big award shows.
So the Grammies are this weekend, everyone is in Hollywood (where they belong), and they are already doing pre-parties and fancy lunches. This is Halle Berry ( This chick is just classic! ) at a pre-Grammy event looking stunning in her sexy dress…..
halle berry essence awards1
While some celebrities get old and trashy, Halle Berry remains classy. Can’t wait to see her topless in her next movie!
halle berry essence awards2 halle berry essence awards3 halle berry essence awards4 halle berry essence awards5