Monday, February 14, 2011

Glamorous Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2009

Here are the trends that are making the noise in fashion styles this 2009.

Tribal / Ethnic Trend
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As it did with bohemian inspired looks as one of the first 2009 fashion trends, fashion has gone global for Spring/Summer 2009, with designers drawing inspiration from every corner of the globe. A look which started with Yves Saint Laurent's legendary safari jump suits has been re-interpreted this season, and designers from Christopher Kane to Paul Smith have looked to Africa and the Orient for their muse.

One-Shoulder Fashion Trend
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Need a sexy dress update for your wardrobe this Spring? Look no further than bearing a flash of cheeky shoulder with a beautiful one-shoulder creation. Shoulders are sexy. More mysterious than cleavage and more elegant than legs; shoulders remind us of the delicacy and vulnerability of the neck.

Fringed Fashion Flapper Trend
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It was as if a single, defined element was plucked from 2008's flapper revival, elaborated upon and then modernised. That element was fringing; and if there's one thing every girl should be partying in during Spring/Summer 2009, it's that perfect fringed piece.

Jewel-encrusted clothing Trend
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Precious stones, glass and crystals adorned many an embellished item on the Spring/Summer 2009 runways. Not limited to evening gowns, this elegant version of bling also found its way onto jackets, day-dresses and accessories.

Bondage / Fetish Clothing Trend
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The line between the office shoe and the fetish heel has become increasingly blurred; while the popularity of the ubiquitous Herve Leger bandage dress has simultaneously become widespread, meaning the super-short and super-tight is more commonplace than ever. The taboo, in many ways, is not so taboo anymore. Fashion has pushed the envelope and perusing the Spring/Summer 2009 runways, it's not hard to spot the bondage and fetish inspirations behind many of the clothes; making this yet another of 2009's fashion trends.

Cutaway clothes Trend
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Introducing the cutaway fashion trend where intricate missing elements of fabric work to show off glimpses of the female figure in a sexual and sensual fashion typical of women's Spring/Summer 2009 fashion.

Oversized Bows Trend
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They were on the Fall/Winter 2009 runways if you looked hard enough; but it was with the Spring/Summer collections that bows really reached trend status for 2009.

Grecian Goddess Draping Trend
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It's a logical flow-on from the one-shoulder fashion trend; a new breed of draping Grecian Goddess dresses. A notable runway trend for 2009, anything with a Grecian or Romanesque inspiration is a sure hit for the Spring/Summer 2009 season.

Fairy-tale Romance Trend
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Flouncing ruffles, rosette clusters, and delicate capelets. Moving away from the sleek and sexy, some designers topped off their Spring/Summer 2009 runway shows with the ultimate in romantic gowns; making the fairy-tale dress somewhat of a 2009 fashion trend.