Friday, February 18, 2011

Foto Seksi Happy Salma on TankTop

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foto hot Happy Salma with TankTop - style female celebrity fashion
foto hot Happy Salma with TankTop - style female celebrity fashion
foto hot Happy Salma with TankTop - style female celebrity fashion

Artist and sexy model Happy Salma make surprise. It's not a negative thing or something that is not good, but the happy news. Reportedly, on 3 October a woman from Sukabumi, West Java, it will establish a marriage with a man named Cokorda Good in the prospective husband's homeland, namely Bali.

Happy news is that successful Happy sealed from the media until the time comes. However, there are two close friends who have been told Happy wedding plans. That, according to one friend Happy, Nova Eliza, because he did not want to make a scene and not be afraid.

"It's him so. If not deket day will not talk, because fear is not so, so," Nova eliza said as quoted by Hello Celebrity impressions on SCTV, on Thursday (30 / 9).

A friend of the other Happy, Cut Memey, also knew the wedding news. Memey admitted happy and took both of them present at the wedding reception at the island resort of Bali.

"Seneng really, because the friend I finally found a soul mate. God willing, if not no need, I attended his wedding," said Cut Memey.

Not only silent about the wedding plans, there are hidden Happy. Happy and Cokorda Good've been together for four years. Although the relationship is long distance traveled, both can survive for four years without any problems.

It may be silent action undertaken was born January 4, 1980 due to cover up something. And reportedly is the difference in beliefs. But hurry Happy menyanggahnya.

"We are both fit. Yes, there's no meaningful difference, the only difference in the nature. And the rest, yes the same," said Happy.

More about the figure of Bali-Australia mulatto man, in the eyes of Happy, Cokorda quite an interesting man. "He's good. He can ngertiin I work, cultured, and it suits me," said Happy.

Understandably, the profession Happy is an artist and have a lot of busyness. But it can be understood by Cokorda. It is not even an issue. "It does not matter. I have received," said Cokorda.

About the selection of wedding locations in Bali, Happy for a reason. "Bali is a beautiful place, sacred, cultured, cool places on vacation, and being alone," said Happy