Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrity Fashion Disasters

Not all celebrities are “IN” In fashion Industry.. Not all have taste in fashion...Some just wear those because they have access to the world's best designer clothing products (for free,) and a team of makeup artist and stylish (for free) but does doesn't mean Hollywood Celebrities are infallible when in comes to their fashion taste..

Here's some Hollywood Celebs having fashion disasters..

What happen to Kristen Dunts? She looks like an old lady with those sloppy beige pieces! This can be fix by using of wide belt on the sweater for waist definition or shorten the skirt a few more inches above the knee.

Kimberly.. get rid off that headband please!

A little cleavage is a good thing. But opping out of your dress? Not such a good thing. IMO

I just don't like Fergie wearing something like a girl-in-uniform idea.. Guess there's something wrong with her mini skirt.. Maybe she should change that one into short shorts.

Hey eva! Are you Okay? We understand if you may be expressing your wild side, but a leopard maxi dress with billowy sleeves is just too much of a good thing for you. Anyway, i still adore you despite of what you wear..

I can't really point out what was missing for Beyonce... hmm..Let me think.. aahh I see! maybe a pair of pants or a skirt? what'd you think? I guess the obvious fix would be a visible pair of longer shorts, pants or skirt. If she's dying to try a leggy look, she should stick with minidresses that give her more thigh coverage..