Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Saturday's Late Sports Buzz

Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Saturday's Late Sports Buzz - Blake Griffin and Anthony created a stir in this Saturday, the All-Star.

Anthony is buzzing business as usual. He is on the verge of an imminent trade throughout the season. This seems to be never This is the only day.

Well, now for several days. NBA trade deadline is Feb. 24 and Anthony says he hopes to do something before the year end All-Star Game.

Of course, what does it matter if he wants, and will be marketed at the moment.

New York Knicks beat the Nets are still the two major parties in trade negotiations. It is said that the networks and Denver agreed to sign a trade agreement, which extends Antonio. Meanwhile, the proposal to establish a New York trade, and met with Anthony.

Anyway, soon, at the end of this legend.

As in the NBA dunk contest. Blake Griffin enter the competition, heavier than us and the fans rising power seeking to revive stalled competition.

What do you talk to Griffin. He will dunk from the free throw line? He added that he jumped on the car? The mill will double BACKFLIP? Or will disappear and reappear after 10 meters above the edge of this casting?

It's hard to believe that his performance will rise to the level of noise, but again, he was amazed at the whole season.

Stay tuned for the discussion of life in the NBA and is subject to other noisy for the event on Saturday.

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