Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Summer Fashion Trends of Wedding Dress

Into May, there are many people began to organize the wedding, the bride is also busy preparing for the wedding dress. To understand the international trend, in order for you to become a perfect bride at the wedding day? 2011 style dresses are showing a variety of wedding styles, luxurious European retro feeling romantic, minimalist style of modernism, and with the public back the tide of an alternative style of Chi fashion that appear in the stage.Whether to buy a wedding dress or rent, there is need to seize the popular keywords below.

2011 summer fashion trends of wedding dress

Keywords A: hollow wedding Perspective
Popular in the fashion industry tulle, lace wedding dress is also frequently seen in and learn the performance practices of clothing, the use of lace on the shoulder, chest and arms for decoration, to create a sense of perspective. The previous low-cut halter dress and large, this kind of hollow even more subtle and elegant and sexy. The design of the wedding and the test material and workmanship, only high-end lace and exquisite workmanship, to demonstrate its extraordinary. And, for the hollow site has also been particular about the body if it is a good bride, hollow design will make you more charming. However, if a small pot or thick arms of the bride, we should seriously consider a sense of visual translucency, will expose your weaknesses.

Keywords II: complicated wedding decoration
Retro-style wedding in Europe is still of concern, the use of layered to create complex trailing veil, showing a heavy baroque court style, luxury and noble. Flowers, lace, beads have been widely used, such as the American brand melissa sweet is a typical representative. The silk is light and elegant to the bottom, then covered with a layer of chiffon, to create a rich visual effects level and aspect; then decorated with three-dimensional flower decoration, beading, feathers and other delicate decoration, together with the Little Mermaid’s tail swing design, highlighting the stature lines, but also show the bride’s noble character.

Key words Three: unique wedding dress tailoring
In the wedding among the most common design of Bra, the bride is also the most popular. If you have confidence in their own stature, then, try the unique cut, such as asymmetrical strap design, showing off the bride beautiful collarbone, while also highlighting women’s soft and sexy. vera wang on the design of such a dress, like the Greek goddess, full of charm. In addition, you can try the high waist design, this design of the wedding or for small and slim bride. Enhancement of the waistline can be visually stretching the lower body can be raised slightly to cover the lower abdomen, chest circumference has also been tightened under, so that the bride chest look more full, more tall stature.