Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lena Katina

Lena Katina has been preparing her solo album for the last year now. The singer was originally one half of t.A.T.u. - one of my favourite bands and now she is going it alone. Over the last year Lena has been touring America playing live gigs and recording her album with her full band - the same band t.A.T.u. used. From live recordings songs such as 'Stay', 'So Not Cool' and 'IRS' seem to be melodic pop rock songs with  radio friendly dance mixed in and they seem great live with the backing of a band. The best thing to do is drop any hopes that its going to sound like t.A.T.u. - its not. You can download a free copy of 'Lost In This Dance' an average ballad, at her website and she just released a HQ clip of Stay - which I love, - very upbeat dance. A good sign of whats to come - so far there is no release dates for singles or album but something should be released by mid 2011 as she is doing high profile gigs in America right now.

The two bizarre shots featured here are also a hint at what is to come - Lena has always been a bit quirky and the group's last album was anything but ordinary when it came to the I'm interested to see where she is going to take this project. Now with Julia Volkova, the other half of the group launching her album this year things should be quite interesting! Updates as they come!

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